This post is based on an article from the February 1998 issue of Australian Golf Digest and is the 2nd post in a 3 series post on LPGA players techniques.

Demonstrated by Karrie Webb who was the first player – male or female – to exceed US$1 million in earnings in a rookie season, there are 2 main keys to crisp irons:

  1. Take away – As you move the club off the ball, check to make sure that you are not swinging the club too far inside the target line.
  2. Making a tight and controlled backswing – A full body turn allows you to obtain maximum power along with accuracy.

The tendency of the average player is to overswing in an attempt to hit the ball further. However, the result is usually a long, loose and floppy backswing that robs you of power. Reduce your backswing and only reach for parallel which will prevent you from coming ‘over the top’ costing you distance and accuracy.

Happy golfing :-)


16.1 Crisp irons 16.2 Crisp irons

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